Thursday, 28 February 2013

MIS Research Methodology Course Syllabus

MIS Research Methodology Course
Course Syllabus

  This course consists of 80 sessions. The aim of this course is to help the audience master the research methods used in MIS.

  The first part will focus on a general view of research philosophies (i.e. positive and interpretive paradigms), Literature Review, and main research methods

  The second part will cover quantitative research methods in detail. Quantitative methods focus on statistics methods. Statistics method will be explained and applied on SPSS. Methods will be covered will be Regression model (Econometric models), multiple regression analysis, factorial analysis, step-wise analysis, multivariate analysis, and Structure Equation Modelling (SEM). In addition, how to make a good relevant survey will be explained.

  The Third part will cover qualitative research methods in detail. Qualitative methods focus on non-statistical methods. Methods will be explained are Interviews, case studies, action research,  grounded theory, ethnography, participant observation, and phenomenology.

   The Fourth part will focus on mixed research methods. It will cover triangulation, embedded, explanatory, and exploratory research paradigms.

The course will be once a week. Therefore, it is expected to finish after 80 weeks or 2 years. The lesson will be recorded Friday night. Then, it will be published Saturday or Sunday via YouTube on this channel 

Additionally, supplementary materials will be published on the facebook group which is

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