Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Management Information System (MIS) Research Methodologies Course

                   Management Information System (MIS) 
Research Methodologies

The aim of this Blog is to explain and investigate research methodologies for MIS Research. We are going to explain them in  written and video (Arabic and English) format, and also support you with prominent articles in this area. This course will be 80 sessions. Each session will be 20 minutes video. This course will cover

1- Why Research Methodologies?
2- What is Epistemology and Ontology?
3- Interpretive Research Paradigm.
4- Qualitative Research Methods.
5- Positivism Research Paradigm.
6- Quantitative Research Methods.
7- Mixed Research Paradigm. 

Who are we?

Amgad Badewi, PMP
 PhD Student at Cranfield University, UK. His research focuses on ERP Systems, Benefit Management, System Dynamics, and System Thinking. He is experienced trainer and consultant in ERP Systems, Project Management, and Information Technology Strategies 

Saleh Bin Ebaid, 
 PhD Student at Cranfield University, UK. His research focuses on ERP Systems, Data Migration, and Data Integration.

Our Facebook group is http://www.facebook.com/groups/MISResearch/


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